Gentlemen's Scholars Club

By Angeles Urban

Mr. Long is the campus security at Washington Elementary School in Compton, and he is the person responsible for the new garden that Washington Elementary now has. The garden is maintained by his students in his after school program called The Gentlemen's Scholars Club. In the program, Mr. Long talks about the importance of having healthier food for kids and about the change the school is trying to make regarding its lunch food. He is trying to teach the kids the importance of healthier foods and of vegetables, and that is why he did not hesitate to implement the garden at school. The garden, he says, not only will provide the kids healthier food, but also a sense of responsibility because it is the kids taking care of the garden, not him.

We also, interviewed students in the club about the importance of the garden and what they are learning during the process of growing vegetables.

About the Gentlemen's Scholars Club
"And the kids were like, 'Can we do a garden Mr. Long?', and I said, 'Of course'."
On Responsibility
The Club
The Gardening Project

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