Jazmin's Pet Shop

By Mariela Bautista

Today the Departures class headed out to Richland Farms to get a couple of interviews. This day was particularly hot and sunny. We went to a very congested corner in Richland Farms in a strip mall. We walked inside a very busy Jazmin's Pet Shop where there were roosters, chickens, bunnies, and even dogs. When we arrived there we encountered a man by the name of Kenneth Earl Watts III. He has lived in Richland Farms since 1991.

Kenny works at the pet store. He was very strange and liked to talk a lot on how he is the some sort of peace maker and drama finisher in Richland Farms. He gave information on the community and gave information on the drama in the community.

We also interviewed a worker at Jazmin's Pet Shop by the name of Junior. He was sitting with his friend in the bed of a pick-up truck, on top of endless bags of feed in which he delivers to residents in Richland Farms. The interview was simple and he talked a lot about the horses - how he and his family own horses and that they like to ride them in the neighborhood.

Feed Deliverers
"Yeah there's parties all the time that includes horses and ponies and all types of animals around here."
The Drama Finisher
"We all come together no matter if it's drama, happiness, sadness...whatever."

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