L.A. Strips

Over the years, Los Angeles has developed
a noteworthy collective of comic book creators. But before you
visualize them sitting around drawing together on Sunday evenings,
which they do, please understand that not all of them even know each
other. It wasn't until a few years ago that Jaime Hernandez even
realized that Tony Millionaire (Maakies) lived a few blocks away from
him on the same street. Nevertheless, over the years and without
anybody noticing it was happening, Los Angeles has become one of the
most talent rich cities in the US.

For the folks that grew up in LA, all it took was the realization that they could turn their love of comics into a career.

For those outside of California the decision to move here was brought
about by the idea of a potentially lucrative job in animation, film or
advertising.Partly because of the current list of professional
cartoonists residing in town, LA has become a destination for even more
new talent. Current comic residents have cartoons in most of the
country's weekly papers. One has been producing one of the most
influential anthologies of modern comics.

Over the last month we've had the chance to speak with a few cartoonists whose influence has been felt for over 25 years across the Unites States. We love their
work and appreciated the time we shared chatting with them in their

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