Mapping Community: Martin R.


Creating personal maps is one of the first activities we do in Youth Voices. We asked the students at South El Monte High School to identify the places they spend time with friends, or places that have meaning to them as well as other key locations, people, and things. This begins the process of thinking critically about their neighborhood along with initiating a creative freedom to express ideas true to their experiences. The maps provide a visual narrative of their city and a possible vision for the future. To see more of their work click HERE or use #kcetyv on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Drawing my map was like putting my personal history and memories experiences down on paper. I started my map with South El Monte High School, because my school is like my second home and it's given me the tools to succeed academically. The most important thing I included was my partner Alejandra, because she goes with me in all of my activities that make it 100% better, but most importantly talking to her about my accomplishments and my not so good day's makes very thing better.

I want to see the EL Monte Valley Mall change because it's really old. I wished we could have new big stores like Forever 21, Walmart, Best Buy, and PacSun. So more resident can spend money and invest in our city. We should also strive to make South El Monte and El Monte a walkable city.

My bedroom is my quiet place where I can relax and reflect on any issues or problems I'm facing but most importantly learn how to fix it. It's also a place where I can meditate and practice my inner peace.

A great place to hang out is the Rio Hondo Trail because it's a nice and quiet trail without having to hear the city noise and enjoy a walk and seeing the a beautiful sunset.

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