Mapping: Secret Stairs and Neighborhood Icons


Students from the Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts (LFCSA) and the Living Museum Sycamore Grove are collaborating with Departures Youth Voices to document their exploration of the area and develop interactive tools that will become part of the Living Museum's community resources. Follow the students as they work with community residents and learn about the history of the neighborhood, urban planning, and placemaking.

Below are the student's maps and reflections of the field trip to the Sycamore Grove District in Highland Park. For most of them it was the first time they had spent time exploring the neighborhood. To read more about the trip click here.


"Mrs.John's class went to the Lummis House. Charles Lummis built his house from 1897 to 1910. It is made of concrete, cedar, redwood, and stones from the Arroyo Seco. Current-day people at the Lummis House either sit and give you information, or walk around giving tours. The people there are very nice. It is a very quiet place." --Ella Jean S.


"The California Cycleway was a former freeway for bicycles. The remnants of the Cycleway are hidden behind houses. Horace Dobbins was the man who envisioned the cycleway but it didn't last long. There is a public stairway that leads you to the Cycleway." --Daniel D.


"Some of the things we saw at the Lummis house included plants, pictures, a typewriter, a couple of sabers, a musket, a guitar, and many rocks from the Arroyo Seco. --Eva G.


"My class explored the Lummis House and the California bicycle highway remains. The house was used for living but is is now a museum" --Liam W.


"The Lummis house, it's like a museum, a house made a while back. Made from mostly big river rocks! An amazing landmark full of nature, awesome history, and beautiful scenery." --Sadie B.


"I saw houses, stairs, hills, and trees that flowed in the cool breeze. At the Lummis House there was a grave and I FELT SAD. There were statues as well." --Sarah W.


"I observed many pictures of the Lummis family and lots of plants and gardens outside while my class was there." --Simone L.


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