Meeting Mayisha Akbar

Last week, the Departures crew and I took a trip down to Richland Farms in Compton, CA. I personally had no idea what to expect. We met Mayisha Akbar, and it was truly an honor to meet a woman like her. She is a wonderful and vital part of the Richland Farm community. She runs the program called Junior Posse, which keeps kids and teens off the streets and by getting them into horse stalls!

Her story is one that is part of the solution. Her project is one that brings the cohesiveness of the community (Richland Farms) to its best. Mayisha is a strong woman that is not afraid to speak and stand for what she believes is right. Her heart is strong and warm. She is doing something amazing with the resources she has been given, and is a wonderful example of a person that is using their strength for something better.

It was one of the best interviews yet!



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