Multi Media Workshop II - Photography / Digital Notebooks

Photo by Cindy
Photo by Cindy

Taking pictures is not something new to students at the Arroyo Seco Academy at Franklin High School. They do it all the time, at school, home, wherever they happen to be. This ease transforms into a more thoughtful endeavor when we begin to discuss composition, color, lines, and story. How can one picture tell a story of their experiences at Franklin High School? How about a series of pictures?

Students went out into their school and searched their memories to create a narrative about their time at Franklin High School. They employed a new awareness of composition, perspective, angle, depth of field, and space as they took their pictures and built their story.

Using their Digital Notebooks/Blogs they posted their pictures. Some added a few words to tell their story while others let the pictures speak for themselves. Engaging in this process serves to further prepare the students for the next step in the "My Neighborhood " project; exploring and photographing their hot spots in their community.

Photo by Ana
Photo by Ana.
Photo by Adriana
Photo by Adriana.
Photo by Antonio
Photo by Antonio.
Photo by Janet
Photo by Janet.
Photo by John P.
Photo by John P.
Photo by John
Photo by John.
Photo by Jorge
Photo by Jorge.
Photo by Karen
Photo by Karen.
Photo by Luis B.
Photo by Luis B..
Photo by Richard G.
Photo by Richard G.
Photo by Roice
Photo by Roice.
Photo by Samuel
Photo by Samuel.
Photo by William
Photo by William.

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