Photographing Leimert Park: Degnan Boulevard is a Beautiful Place

The art and life along Degnan Blvd. in Leimert Park

Youth Voices student producers are taking part in a 4 -day intensive media literacy program exploring and documenting the many stories of Leimert Park using digital media. Below, Joy Combs practices the skills introduced in the photo workshop as she documents and shares the art that is visible along Degnan Boulevard.

The location I chose to take pictures of is Degnan Boulevard. I chose to take pictures here because there is art and many stories about the art. The first picture I took is The Gate of River. There are metal frogs, and many other creatures on the gate, such as alligators, turtles, and water striders.

I also chose to take a picture of the historical Zebra in front of Zambezi Bazaar. This has been on Degnan for a long time. The balloons are a great background for the picture.

The rest of the pictures show the art that is available from the many vendors along Degnan Blvd.

All the pictures were taken during the celebration for Nelson Mandela's 95th Birthday. The event took place in the public parking lot on Degnan. This is an example of the type of events you can take part in when you come to Leimert Park Village.

Joy Combs

Joy Combs comes to Youth Voices with an energy befitting her name. An alumni of several creative programs in Leimert Park she exhibits a confidence in her ability to express herself in a variety of forms. For her Youth Voices project she decided to focus her exploration on the stories and art of Degnan Boulevard.

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