Photographing Leimert Park: The World Stage


Youth Voices student producers are taking part in a 4 -day intensive media literacy program exploring and documenting the many stories of Leimert Park using digital media. Anbiya Smith chose to apply the tips and skills from the photo workshop to photograph a creative place that inspires her and the community of musicians, poets and artists it nurtures.

The location I chose to photograph was The World Stage. I chose this location because I feel that many around the world and those in my community should be informed about its history and its' enriching music. First I chose to show a musician in front of The World Stage because that is the main thing that people do there. The man was a bit older but that is common since most of the people there are jazz players. The spot became a lot more recognized through out the years as many famous jazz artists played and practiced there. The pictures of the interior show a drum class for kids and the bulletin board in the back. It features pictures and stories about some of the greatest artists who have visited and performed at The World Stage. I also took a photo of a flyer about the killing of Trayvon Martin which was very significant in this community and issues like this are often explored and incorporated into the music and poetry played at The World Stage.

Anbiya Smith

Anbiya is entering her junior year at Cleveland High School in Reseda. She has been involved in performance and fine art activities in Leimert Park most of her life. For her Youth Voices project she chose to explore locations that have important history and art that the wider public should be aware of.

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