About Arroyo High School

Arroyo High School in El Monte typifies the openness of California public architecture with its open breezeways that welcomes students and visitors to the single level red brick buildings that house the school’s offices and classrooms. Newly renovated in 2011, the school features local vegetation and gathering spaces that reflect its name and proximity to the Rio Hondo.

The inviting nature of the school’s exterior is also true for the students, faculty and staff who have welcomed Departures Youth Voices into their journalism class for the newest installment of Departures - El Monte/South El Monte.

The Youth Voices participants are editors and writers for the school paper, the Knights Banner, and are ready to use their writing and publishing experience to highlight the pressing issues in their city. It’s exciting to work with students so eager to express their ideas and hopes for their community.

Arroyo’s commitment to empowering students with skills and attitudes that will enable them to become creative, moral, and productive members of their diverse community aligns perfectly with Youth Voices’ goal of offering students a valuable experience that helps build their confidence and skills so they may become engaged in their community and identify themselves as leaders. As citizen journalists they’ll explore their personal connections to El Monte, identify and investigate an important issue and ultimately become advocates for their community cause.

Follow their stories as they develop here and at #kcetyv on Twitter and Instagram.