Leimert Park is no ordinary neighborhood. It's a focal point of energy that fuels the creativity and transformation of artists and activists alike. It is the hub of African American culture in Los Angeles, rich with history, activity, and possibility. Its design, created by the Olmsted Brothers for the Walter H. Leimert Company in the 1920s, fosters this flow of thought, creativity and communal gathering, with streets, boulevards, storefronts, parks, homes and schools laid out to bring people together to share experiences and build community.

For the Leimert Park installment of Departures, Youth Voices partnered with KAOS Network in the heart of the village. We worked with young people to share their stories and explore the future of this extraordinary location. The student producers came with a strong connection to the neighborhood having already taken part in various activities throughout the community. They came to Youth Voices with knowledge of the neighborhoods history and with hopes for its future. They engaged in a multimedia exploration and dialogue with their neighborhood and their place within it.

Follow us to see Leimert Park, through the eyes and words of the next generation of artists, activists, and storytellers.