The welcome sign for the City of El Monte reads, "The End of The Santa Fe Trail," but for the students at Mountain View High School this is the beginning of their journey as Youth Voices citizen journalists, a journey that will take them on an exploration of their city's history, geography, people, and future. Along the way they will have an opportunity to become advocates for their community and lead efforts to promote positive change.

This is a continuation of the Youth Voices program at Mountain View. Last year students from the school's VISTA Academy identified and wrote about their roles and desires for their city. They interviewed residents and community experts on such diverse issues as promoting economic development along Valley Blvd, creating a dog park/community gathering space near the San Gabriel River, and refurbishing their school Mural. For Departures it was a wonderful opportunity to learn about the community from the students, teachers, residents, and public officials.

This year we are off to a great start with students from the Viking Scroll journalism class. They will be able use their writing and journalism experience as well as grow their knowledge of digital media tools and how to apply them as they identify and develop their community causes.

Follow the student’s stories here and on social media using #kcetyv on Twitter and Instagram.