Richland Farms' Kinny and Victor

The departures class of two headed out to Richland farms to get a couple of interviews. This day was particularly hot and sunny. We went to a very congested corner of Richland farms where there was a pet store filled with roosters,chickens, bunnies and even dogs. When we arrived there we encountered a man by the name of Kinny he has been in Richland farms since 1991. Kinny works at the pet store and when we approached him he had a green tongue. He was very strange and liked to talk a lot on how he is some sort of peace maker.

Another interview was with a 17 year old boy by the name of Victor. Victor was sitting on a truck with a friend with hay which was for the pet store. The interview was simple and alot he talked about horses and about he and his family own horses in Richland farms. He did not much talk about the community that well since he barely had moved to Richland Farms. Approaching Kinny was a little uncomfortable and I was not used to approaching people from the street. I realized our role in the class taking risks in getting information of what you need to make a documentary. Overall the day was interesting and just out of my comfort zone in talking and meeting people randomly on the street and getting their personal experience on camera to share with people about the unknown community of Richland Farms.


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