The Great Wall with Hector and Bea

The Great Wall mural was part of a summer job program that helped keep troubled teens off the streets and help teach them responsibility. The mural consisted of different historical events that impacted the race or religion of all the different employees. We met up with Bea Rully who was a supervisor during the production of the mural and she told us that she seen a change in everyone of the teens after they completed the mural.

During her time as supervisor those summers ago she had many crazy stories about the mural, one story that really stood out was how she nearly died on the job. Due to rain her and her staff had to end the day early and she needed to get all the equipment out of the river as fast as possible, while doing so the rivers current swept her down about 8 miles where she was later rescued. We also met a man Hector Martinez who actually worked on the mural. He explained how he would wake up early in the morning to go to work and that by doing the summer job it helped him realize what responsibility is all about.

Both Bea and Hector told their stories but overall the Great Wall to them met the starting of new lives and opportunities and i'm sure that all the other workers took something from their work as well .

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