The Heart of the City from a Student's Point of View

Every year The HeArt Project collaborates with cultural institutions in Southern California to bring an engaging and creative experience to hundreds of students at alternative and continuation high schools in Los Angeles County. The non-profit has been recognized for its innovative work with students at risk of dropping out, and its use of art to engage and inspire young people.

This year Departures Youth Voices and LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes were invited to come on board as cultural partners and work closely with The HeArt Project's teaching artists as they developed their class curriculum. The Youth Voices media literacy curriculum and the exhibits at LA Plaza provided a rich foundation for the teaching artist to build on as they embarked on this year's theme, "Mapping the Metropolis: Finding the Heart of Our City."

There are three ten week sessions throughout the year, each with a different group of students and schools. At the end of each session the students exhibit their work to the community. This fall, during the first of the three final presentations, Departures Youth Voices produced a video showcasing the student's work, and the unique collaboration that has been formed. Enjoy!

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