"Trump Carves Out Tough Commander-in-Chief Posture"

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"Trump Carves Out Tough Commander-in-Chief Posture"
Written by Jojo Louis & Mila Cuda. Performed by Jojo Louis.

How does this issue affect you or your community?

Jojo Louis: I've been seriously writing poems for only a year and a half. I sometimes have trouble communicating ideas in conversation so writing things down helps me find clarity and sift through all of my thoughts. There's just so much going on in the world right now and my head kind of replicates that environment. I have to record it and write it in some artistic way, so I don't have to keep it inside me. It's the only way I can shake the fear and discomfort of what I see on the news. I think it's really important that young people engage in this kind of artistic outlet because we are directly affected by what is happening and what horrors could occur in the future. When I look around, I ask myself "what does this mean?" and, more importantly, "who are we?" These are questions posed by Get Lit Now that force us to look within ourselves and examine our leaders and influencers.

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