Twist of Fate: An Interview with My Father

By Kevin On

My father was born in Saigon, Vietnam just a little before the First Indochina War. His life in Vietnam was great he says, "maybe even greater than here in America." He got a normal education there just like one in America, going through elementary school, middle school and high school, learning a variety of things up to Trigonometry, Physics, World History, English and Vietnamese. After High School he went into the family business, a company making fabric softener.

The lives of my dad's side of the family changed when the Northern Vietnamese took control of Southern Vietnam. Fleeing the communist ideas he came here to America. With the money the family had, they disguised themselves as Chinese citizens taking a ship to America. He then came here to Chinatown where it was somewhat peaceful and where he can easily communicate with the residents here. My dad started a furniture store in San Gabriel called ABC Furniture. The business was not doing so good and eventually it closed down.

Even though his life here in America is not as successful as in Vietnam he does not regret leaving his homeland. If the Southern Vietnamese would have won the war he would have stayed in the free and democratic society and i would probably not be writing this essay right now. He believes that his children is part of his future and my sister and I will take care of him whenever he needs it like how he supported us when we where younger.

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