"White House on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown"

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"White House on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown"
Written by Marc Lemus & Mila Cuda. Performed by Marc Lemus.

How does this issue affect you or your community?

Marc Lemus: Donald Trump has offended my people, and as a young individual who has great goals and doesn't have any of the character traits he described, I feel I have to speak out and make my voice heard. I'm deeply honored to be able to share my story with many people, especially about a topic that bothers me so much. It's crazy how people don't pay attention to things like this. I fall guilty to this as well because, to be completely honest, I had no clue about what was going on till I did a little research. As a Mexican-American who feels like he has "Brown Pride" running through his veins, I feel I must speak out … but as a group, we all must speak our minds because we're losing our country.

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