Youth Poets Tell Stories That the World Needs to Hear

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“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”
Diane Luby Lane, founder of Get Lit

How does this issue affect you or your community?

Diane Luby Lane: The theme of our Classic Slam this year is “revolution,” inspired by the famous Gil Scott-Heron poem. What we hope to inspire in our youth is the idea that it is in their hands to say something that the world needs to hear. The Classic Slam is a live event … it’s the largest youth classic poetry festival in the world. By bringing together schools from all over Southern California, we create an incredible energy of diversity and strength. Kids meet, freestyle and bond, which would never have happened otherwise.
They share the issues that matter to them through their poetry. Then, their poems are filmed to be broadcast across the world where family, friends, teachers, strangers and even world leaders will see them.
So we’re combining live magic with the power of technology. We’re showing youth that poetry is policy. That words are actions.
And I think it makes our community more truthful, more accountable, more cohesive and more interesting. I’m grateful for our youth and I’m grateful for their revolutionary spirit. We need it now, more than ever.

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