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Elson Trinidad is the Managing Editor of KCET's 50th Anniversary website. On's blogs, he also writes the "Transpacific Routes" column on the waves and currents of So Cal's Asian/Pacific Islander communities, and the "Concrete and Chaparral" column on our local urban and native ecosystems. A KCET viewer since the mid-1970s, Elson describes himself as "The Filipino kid who grew up listening to black music in an Armenian neighborhood where people spoke Spanish and ate Thai food." A native Angeleno with a penchant for creativity and community, his weapons of choice include a microphone, a piano, a laptop, and a shovel.
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Huell, Globe Trekker, NHK Newsline's weather forecast when they play that soothing song.
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    Dear Long Beach Transit: Hope you read this article. So how about a direct shuttle bus service from the Blue Line Wardlow station to LGB?...
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    The team only stopped wearing the names on the backs of their jerseys for two seasons (the minimum required time for a uniform change). I hope you're aware that Davey Lopes is back with the team, this time as their...
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    Singapore had the exact problem we had back in the 1950s-1960s; illegal food vending was rampant, ubiquitous, yet still in demand by the public. They solved the problem by establishing outdoor food courts known as "hawker centres" which contain sanitation...
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    Ethnic communities are actually named so more due to nationality and linguistics than solely ethnicity per se -- it's only because for the most part, nationality and ethnicity are interchangeable terms when it comes to immigrant groups. Case in point:...
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    What's also interesting about the Balikbayan Box is that other immigrant cultures have adopted their own version of it; at LAX, I see passengers bound for Guatemala or El Salvador check in large cardboard cubes -- packed in packing tape...
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    True, but this situation is hardly unique to Historic Filipinotown. Koreatown's population is only 33% Asian (and that statistic also includes Filipinos, Chinese, Bangladeshis and Mongolians *in addition to* Koreans). Thai Town's population is majority Latino and Armenian. So statistically...
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    In theory, I think every Angeleno would support a larger city council that represents more districts in the city with a smaller individual populace. In practice, though, the assumed cost of additional field offices, staff, expenses and councilmember salaries (even...
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    CicLAvia is many things to many people, but the biggest thing that makes me smile are the sight of parents walking or biking in the middle of the street alongside their smiling young children in small bikes with training wheels....
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