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El Jardin’s Pozole Rojo

El Jardin's Pozole Rojo | Still from "The Migrant Kitchen" El Jardin
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A well-loved dish, El Jardin's pozole rojo recipe bears the flavors of Mexico with surprising tastes outside the country's borders.


Learn more about pozole and other Mexican flavors on "<a data-cke-saved-href="https://www.kcet.org/shows/the-migrant-kitchen" href="https://www.kcet.org/shows/the-migrant-kitchen">The Migrant Kitchen</a>" S3 E3: El Jardin
El Jardin


2 lbs pork shoulder, cubed    
1 lb pig’s feet or stock bones 
2 yellow onions cut in half Yellow onion
8 cloves of garlic    
2 kombu leaves    
3 fresh bay leaves
2 lbs. nixtamalized corn or hominy Chile paste        
5 ancho chilies
5 guajillo
1 onion
4 cloves of garlic
3 sprigs of oregano 
2 fresh avocado leaves
½ cup of bonito flakes
sea salt to taste

Pozole from El Jardin | Jim Sullivan TMKs3
Pozole from El Jardin | Jim Sullivan


1. Add all stock ingredients into a 2 gallon stock pot. Cover everything with cold water and heat on medium.
2. Char onions and garlic cloves in a dry pan or if you have gas directly over the flame using tongs to not burn yourself.         
3. Deseed chilies and cover with hot water until soft.        
4. Blend all chile paste ingredients including the chile water until a smooth paste .    
5. Run paste through strainer to ensure chile skins are strained.    
6. Add chile paste to pork stock, turn heat on low for 4 hours.    
7. Remove pig feet and save the skin, thinly slice and add toss with half a lime.        
8. Season pozole to taste with sea salt  

For garnish, use thinly sliced radishes, lettuce sliced thinly, lime wedges, oregano and reserved pig feet skin

Top Image: El Jardin's Pozole Rojo | Still from "The Migrant Kitchen" El Jardin

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